The Beach

I was hooked on my very first visit.

A bittersweet trip that ended exquisite.

So now I go back to the worlds most famous beach,

searching for and grasping at

things out of reach.

One more day with my father,

healthy and sober.

Out on the balcony with the breeze of October.

I know it’s something that I’ll never get

yet I sit there hoping that I’ll never forget.

One more night with a lover who I only new briefly.

She still lingers in my thoughts,

She was that beautiful . . . believe me.

When its time to leave and head back north,

I find myself wishing for one more day here

Of course.

One more day of my feet in the sand.

One more day to accomplish everything I had planned.





Was a problem child, from an early age.

Label stuck to me, it was there on every page.

Lack of understanding only formulates the rage.

So, now I burn some sage.

Or maybe I’ll burn some sour?

Can’t let these memories engulf me, can’t let them devour,

Everything I’ve tried to change about me.

Can’t let them have that power.

So now, I’m rough around the edge.

Truth eludes.

I’m blunt, like a sledge,

Heavy . . .  but not the fat kid anymore.

Grinder, hell bent on settling scores.

Nasty, lock us in a room, I’ll have you running for the door.

Conflicted . . . I don’t want to be that anymore.

Losing my grip, I fear losing this chip On my shoulder that’s the size of a boulder will only make the coals smolder as I grow older. Sparking a raging blaze and I won’t be able to see through that thick red haze.

I’m burning bridges I’m still on with fires that last for days.

This Bitch: A Conversation With Oxi

This Bitch: A conversation with oxycotin

Do you want get together?

Who me? I think I’m good.
Besides, you look a little blue.

Blue is the color of calm.
This I thought you knew.
I could change to pink or green
Even white if it suites you better.

I heard you were a bitch,
That would bring me down if I let her.

If you let me?
You say that like you would have a choice?
Just relax and let it happen,
Let me be your voice.

I said I think I’m good.

I heard you loud and clear
But I think you should let me whisper
sweet something’s in your ear.
Let me tuck you in at night
your worries will disappear.

I had some friends that fucked with you.
It didn’t end too well.
A couple lost everything in the divorce
And a few are sitting in a cell.
There are a few no longer with us
And this I blame on you.
I’ve seen you ruin people
With little to no regard
I know you’re a master of seduction
And to leave you would be hard.

Why all the resistance?
Can’t you just chill and let it be?
You know you want to try it.
Don’t you wanna fuck with me?

I said I’m good bitch
So why don’t you get to steppin’
Before I go all out
And for my ruined peoples I get to fuckin’ reppin’
See I know your pimp and know he’s shit
A worthless piece of trash.
I suggest you leave my space,
See this could escalate and make me act all rash.
See bitch, I’ll catch a charge just to prove a point.
I know your custody is anything but joint.
I won’t say it again before I lose my shit.
Get the fuck outta here before your ass is hit. . . . . TBC #TheStonedPoet.

Small Talk

Do you come here often?
I haven’t seen you in a while.
To which I replied, only when life feels vile.
When it seems there is no release, I come to find some peace.
That’s what drug dens are for correct?
A place to go when you lack self respect?
A place to feel welcomed, no longer a reject.
Don’t get it twisted I said, I don’t shoot or sniff.
I just come here occasionally to get a little lift.
It when the pencil hits the paper and the graphite turns to powder. That’s the fix I live for, the one that gives me power.
No track marks on my arms but have you seen my fingers?
There are blisters in between them and the ink smell lingers.
Haven’t eaten for while and haven’t slept for even longer.
That’s when the draw to this place seems to grow a little stronger.
So, I said to them, I know its been while. I’m here now though, and I had to travel miles. #TheStonedPoet.